This Phone Number is Only For Mortgage Rate Shopping

This phone number is for mortgage rate shopping

Almost everyone can agree that mortgage shopping is a taxing and tedious event.

No wonder only a few choose to go through such an arduous process.

As an alternative, people would rather accept endorsements provided by their real estate agents.

Or, they would prefer the simpler solution of consulting banks.

Yet another basis for avoiding mortgage shopping is prospective homeowners do not want to deal with manic loan officers. They would choose to follow through one mortgage quote rather than face possible harassment by these loan officers.

This is where the issue lies… once loan officers get a hold of you, they would do anything in their power to pursue you to close a loan with them. 

This is the very reason why Zillow has launched the Mortgage Marketplace. This gives individuals the chance to shop for mortgage without giving off any personal contact information.

But sooner or later, you still need to send a query via email or call to find out more about the offers you wish to check out.

There’s an App for that…

To war of any unwanted calls/emails, there are a number of apps that you can download for use. These apps permit you to generate phone numbers that you can use for special purposes.

Burner is an example of this. This app allows you to generate disposable phone numbers that you can kill in an instant.

Burner is also on the process of launching Ghostbot, a new addition that enhances their disposable number experience. Here’s how it works:

Burner will generate a disposable phone number that you can use for your dealings, such as a Craigslist encounter. After this, you can set the app to utilize a bot to automatically respond to a conversation.

The bot can respond in a manner that it will attempt to dismiss the discussion. This saves you the time and effort to deal with any transactions that you don’t want to pursue.

Hushed is another app that works like Burner. It allows you as well to initiate conversations or phone calls with other people using a disposable phone number.

The difference among the two is that they offer different promos for first-time users. Either way, you get one free phone number during your first use.

Both services will also give you a certain amount of free text messages or call minutes. After which, you will be required to make a purchase if you want to continue using the service.

Nonetheless, using any of these apps presents an easy way to deal with the stress of mortgage shopping. They give you the chance to shop anonymously and offers you a way out. That is, in case nuisances that may arise with lenders or loan officers.

And once you decide on a loan option that you want to pursue, you can delete the temporary phone number immediately. This way, you’ll never have to worry of being contacted outside of your wishes.

So you can have lenders battle over your choice of mortgage. And then, you can easily let them go if their offers don’t appeal to you.

As for your real number, you can then go ahead and use it to contact your chosen lender.

You also need not worry about dishonest lenders who will later on sell your information to others. This prevents you from receiving unsolicited calls or messages about your home.

Just to be clear, these apps works not only for mortgage shopping. They can work for anything where you wish to go about anonymously.

You can use them for selling or buying online, for negotiating with dealers, agents, and more.


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