Rate Averages Disclosure

We’ve always believed in transparency on the web and so we are disclosing that we’ve included certain products that will show average mortgage rates, credit card rates, CD rates, Refinance Rates and Mortgage Rate Predictions.

This rate date is provided to us by a third part either directly via API or a widget that we can show on our website.

Averages are calculated at the end of previous business day. Since rates are volatile it can provide a guide to movement of these rates for a specific product.

Mortgage Rate Predictions are calculated from Freddie Mac Mortgage Rate Survey along with treasury yield to determine possible movement of mortgage rates. Once Freddie Mac updates mortgage rates, we update/correct that information as well from our predictions to what Freddie Mac Rate Survey shows. In short, once we add predictions for next day or a week and we get data from Freddie Mac the following day, we correct any rate from previous day in our system. Mortgage rate predictions are for a full disclosure a predictions that should be used as a guide to see where the rates might be heading. Please consult with your broker for your specific scenario. Use our predictions as a guide not an actual rates.